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“Thank you once again for your assistance in handling my family immigration cases very diligently. It makes a great deal of difference to us to have our immigration cases taken care of successfully and on time. Your expertise, advice, and concern about our cases were commendable and I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of an attorney with experience. I know the kind of service you give and I know your clients would not be disappointed.”  -Y.K.

“I just wanted to say thanks again for giving such a wonderful presentation, provided food for thought, and of course your good work and your personal experience for me to go through immigration to obtain my green card.  Your ability to listen and give directions to your clients is totally professional and very positive.  I am very delighted that I have had the opportunity to meet with you.”  -A.A.



"Working with Ms.Velt was a smooth and professional process. She made everything clear and always kept us up to date with the appointments and the happenings.T he process was timely and at times things were happening sooner than expected. Communicating with her was very easy and convenient. Overall working with Ms. Velt was a professional and fulfilling experience, we are very satisfied."  -D.W.

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